13. 1. - 17. 2., GALLERY SPZ, PRAGUE, CZ, 2012


The cycle Frames - D. Hanvald (2011), 190 cm x 300 cm, acrylic, spray and oil marker on canvas, 2011

THE BRICK 13. 1. - 17. 2., GALLERY SPZ, PRAGUE, CZ, 2012

David Hanvald and his quest Amar Mulabegovič

It's not about the brick that fell of The Wall, the famous Pink Floyd album, besides, by the time of its release would his painter David Hanvald (born in 1980) be approximately minus one year old. Theme Bricks - The Brick has a different base, in the case of David's painting - the object for the SPZ Gallery reflects the conjunction of two topics. David has extracted and reduced the original Brick from the work of the modernist architect Louise I. Kahn, and he has also previously painted the Brick in his own way. Now, however, he put the Brick into another design idea, that can be called an reinterpretation according to the shining-through blindframes of Sigmar Polke.

It is a reduced unfold of pictorial canvas all around the spacey area of individual elements, that together creates a resulting painting-object, further accentuated by the colorful strokes, that are typical for David. Illusion (or disillusion) of the real surface and space further reinforces the mapping of the invited guest, Mr. Amar Mulabegovič from Bosnia (born in 1978), who has settled in Bohemia. He and his colleagues from Macula group mapped - i.e. projected the animations on the buildings - already in Liverpool and in Prague, currently, he is doing this in a chamber garage of SPZ Gallery. The effect of the projection on a Hanvald´s Brick is incidentally the uncertainty of the fact, whether his painting-object is or not on the wall, or what is a surface and what is the space. In short, the Brick is outside the Wall.

Martin Dostál Praha 2012